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The Tale of Ziggy the Zebra picture

The Tale of Ziggy the Zebra picture

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45cm x 45 cm glass gold frame


Meet Ziggy the zebra, a charming and vibrant character brought to life with a playful blend of colorful water pens. Each stroke of the pen blends seamlessly into the next, creating a dynamic and eye-catching pattern that accentuates Ziggy's adorable features. His distinct stripes stand out against the white background, adding to his charm and appeal. Delicate details bring Ziggy to life, making him stand out in any crowd with his undeniable charisma. Framed within a modern gold-patterned frame with glass, Ziggy takes center stage, ready to bring joy and laughter to all who behold him.

I complete every piece with the utmost care and precision to produce something truly unique and special .

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